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iPhone/uPas Accessing Fics4Nash Compilation

Here are the instructions for how to access the FICS4NASH compilation folder using an iPhone or iPad.

First, open the email that you received from ficsfornashville@gmail.com.
Click on the (blue) hyperlink for the “Nashville Food Relief Ebook.”

If it comes up with the Google Account sign in window, enter your gmail account email address. If you do not have a gmail account. You can use the dummy account that I have set up.

Username/dummy email: ficreader1@gmail.com
Password: fics4nash

Then click “Sign in.”

The window will then show your google docs in mobile view.

In order to find the compilation folder you must scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see the “More” section. There should be a (blue) hyperlink for “My Folders.” Click on that link.

You will see a list of your folders, including the “Fics for Nashville” folder. Click on the folder.

Then you will see a list of the fic docs. Click on the one you want to read.

You will be able to read it in portrait or landscape views.


If you have any questions or issues please contact ficsfornashville@gmail.com

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