Im offering two out takes from Old Flames!!! Teasers here!

Hey everyone. My story Old Flames is a newer story of mine. I am from Jackson Tn and as most of my readers know I have been supporting and pimping all the ways everyone could help.

So i am offering up two out takes from Old Flames which is set here in Tennessee.

The first is from the summer before senior year in high school when Bella and Emmett were still very much in love. It is about thier trip to the Tennessee River the weekend their sophomore year ended :D

Want an Idea of how it is going to go? Watch the video for Whitney Duncan's Skinny Dippin (she is a small town girl from her in West Tn and an amazing singer) it is the song for it

My Second offering is also an out take from Old Flames.

This one takes place when Bella firs gets to Nashville after leaving Jackson, Emmett and everything she had ever known. She is broken, if you read Old Flames this should be very interesting it is focusing on her rising to the top and trying to forget Emmett and her life in Jackson...
Here is the song for that as well... Sorry this is a live video in radio station there isn't a video since Whitney isn't as widely known yet but I had to go with a small town Tennessee girl for these OT's

Donate now!!! There are a lot of amazing authors that have singed up for this and I look forward too reading them all!
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Hello - I'm offering up Moonlit Porch

First of all, ladies, thank you so much for doing this. I have family in Tennessee and am happy that they were not affected by the flooding. I am however sorry that so many others are going through this.  Thank you to all of you submitting your stories and/or donating your time, money and energies to this.

I'm submitting BPOV for Moonlit Porch. Originally the story was an OS entry for the A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words Contest. I've wanted to write a follow-up to it for quite some time, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. In keeping with the original rules, the body of the story will be no more than 1000 words.

Thank you again for doing this for the many people in need of help right now.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Hello/Offering a Mens Rea Outtake!


I'm new to this Livejournal thing and I have no idea if I'm doing this right, so forgive me for bumbling it up if I do.  I'm @killerwardsmuse, and I write "Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind."  Several of my readers have demanded an outtake/one shot where my Killerward kills a rather naughty manner.   It was a one-shot that I was a bit uncomfortable writing, haha, but it's for a good cause and it will actually be quite fun to write now that I'm plotting and planning it.  

Nashville is my beautiful hometown and though I am a world traveler and have many other loves (*cough* London *cough*), no place will ever be quite like home.  I'm very proud to hail from this wonderful city and I'd like to do anything that I can to help her recover from the devastating floods.  There's a lot of crap going on in the world right now, but there's still a lot of good, too.  Things like this are only proof of why people still rock.

Please donate whatever you can and I promise I'll write you the best outtake that I can.  I'm personally requesting donations to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.  They lost about 38,000 pounds of food in the flood that they would have used to help people in need. They are still out there, though, helping our community and cash donations are very much needed.  I've volunteered at their headquarters to build food boxes for those who need them and it is such a great cause.  Please consider donating to them.
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Hello/My offering for Near You Always

Hi everyone. This is ebalways, author of Near You Always. First I wanted to commend the ladies for coming up with this effort. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA, which as you may know was devastated by the 2008 flood. We had over 1400 city blocks under water, officials labeled it a 500 year flood, and some of the FEMA officials compared the devastation downtown to Katrina. Needless to say, the city - and many, many residents - have  yet to recover. Most of the downtown office locations are still in flux, and hundreds are still living in temporary homes. 

I'm so sorry to see something similar happened in Tennessee, and I think this idea is an outstanding one. Every dollar helps, because even when the govt offers aid, there's a lot of red tape and there will be people with nothing for a long time.

So that's my little bit of info. I'm still trying to decide what I want to offer as an outtake, so if there are any of my readers on here, please feel free to make requests.

Again, wonderful idea and all of you in TN are in my thoughts and prayers.


Flooding and Damage in the West Tennessee area

Here is some footage of the West Tn area. THis is not even half. i didn't have any of Dyersburg area (which is still flooded) These pics are from here in Jackson, Tn Selmer and other areas. has more photos and here is some videos as well. more are also available on

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredeson

Here in Jackson alone

Tornado Damage in the Selmer Area  Tornado Damage in the Selmer area  Sink hole caused by flooding in Jackson, TN  Flood Damage- cleaning up      Rescuing a horse i cant remimber from were  My street  The trees and stuff stacked at the bridge after the water went down  one of the broken levee's  Working on the sinkhole in front of the hospital  another of the may sinkholes around here  South Jackson during the rain  this wasn't even done rising when this pic was taken  A home in South jackson.  another Sink hole  more tornado Damage  This was taken from my old highschool, looking out across the parking lot and street at the stadium  a home in south jackson  At the fairgrounds and Fire training facility which was damaged badly     my road again from another angle 

My offering: Disclosure

 An outtake from Say Something Else. Seth POV, which a few people have asked for and I swore I wouldn't do ;)

I'm not gonna tease yet, as it may spoiler some stuff from the last few chapters, but they will be posted before this all comes out.
Bitch Please

My fic offering: Teaser for My Brother's Keeper

I'm offering a Sneak Peek at My Brother's Keeper for anyone who donates to the Tennessee/Nashville Flood Relief.

I've decided to offer the first chapter of my next multi-chapter fan fic. It's an All Human Jasper/Edward (with a little James/Jasper on the side). I've been working on a teaser vid for the fic, and decided to use it to help advertise my offering. It's still a work in progress and it's my first vid ever! *bites nails* I hope you like it.

Confessions of a Difficult Woman readers do not fear, I plan to contribute an outtake from that story as well.